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Legacy is dedicated to caring for the families of veterans who have died or become incapacitated either on service or subsequently. This extends to veterans who have served in war and on peacekeeping and humanitarian missions.Today, Legacy's compassionate service assists over 60,000 beneficiaries, with 96% of them being elderly widows and dependants with a disability, through innovative and practical programs aimed at:
  • Protecting the basic needs of individuals and families.
  • Advocating for the entitlements, rights and benefits of individuals and families.
  • Assisting families to cope with bereavement.
  • Helping people thrive, despite their adversity and loss.
Legacy is a charity supported by men and women of all ages, from all walks of life and includes veterans and current ADF personnel. Our support services now extend to include the beneficiaries of members of today's ADF who have lost their lives or have become incapacitated as a result of their military service.


New LCS Overarching Policy & Procedure

SLC Administrative Instruction 10.1 Friends of Legacy has been rescinded and is replaced by LCS POL 4.1 Friends of Legacy Policy and LCS PRO 4.1 Friends of Legacy Procedure.  The procedure is now available within the portal under Fundraising, Marketing & Communications Procedures.  The policy will be available shortly under Fundraising, Marketing & Communications Procedures.

New Enrolment Form for Widow(er)s 

The current enrolment form for Widow(er)s has been reviewed to ensure it’s up to date and simplified for use by Legatees and staff.

It was first reviewed internally before being referred to the Enrolment Committee and other Legatees for comment and approval. 

While changes have been limited, the intention of the review was to simplify the form for all involved, with the ultimate goal of speeding up the time it takes for a beneficiary to be enrolled.  It has also been amended to enable completion electronically, in PDF fillable format, for those who may prefer to complete details on their devices (though it will of course still need to be printed for the Widow(er) to sign).

It is now available within the portal and will be sent out with future enrolment packs. 

We welcome your feedback.  Feedback or queries should be sent to beneficiaryprograms@sydney-legacy.com.au or contact your divisional administrator directly, if you prefer.


Operation Rosemary

The sprigging of rosemary as part of Operation Rosemary was completed at Beehive Industries this year; a social enterprise supporting the development of life skills, community participation and group activities which provide employment for young adults experiencing disadvantage. The enterprise is run by ex-Tasmanian Junior Legatee Brendan Lonergan. Some of our staff and volunteers also assisted at their Darlinghurst office, and were joined by a number of Swans players who assisted with sprigging, and also learnt more about the work Sydney Legacy does in looking after our beneficiaries. This community connection and support links directly to our values of compassion, empathy and service.

Sporting Games

Operation Rosemary occurs on Anzac Day, as well as a number of significant events leading up to the day, such as sports matches and in local pubs and clubs.

This year, Sydney Legacy had a significant presence at the Waratahs, Swans and Parramatta Eels matches to raise awareness of our work and to raise funds. Staff were able to sign-up a number of Defence personnel and volunteers to assist in the fundraising efforts.

A number of Legatees also supported these initiatives (in particular, the Parramatta Eels match at the new stadium). Legatees also conducted local events at shopping centres, pubs and clubs to raise funds.

This month, our CEO, John Hutcheson, plans on conducting a ‘lessons learnt’ activity to underpin our planning for next year. The key to success is maximum ‘boots on the ground’ for a few hours at the right time. Given the sentiment surrounding Anzac Day, we are able to leverage off the media focus in order to remind Australians that there is a need to continue to support the families of Defence personnel who have been incapacitated or died as a result of their service.


Dawn Service & March CBD Fundraising $26,000
Waratahs game with 8000 attending $3500
Eels game at new stadium with 40,000 attending $3500
Airport Fundraising $1000
Swans game with 40,000 attending $6500
Sofitel venues and bars across Sydney including the Sheaf, Opera Bar and the Clock hotel $8000

Legatee Fundraising at Eastlakes

A group of Legatees raised funds at Eastgate Bondi Junction Shopping Centre through a variety of activities in the lead-up to Anzac Day this year. Legatees participated in a Bunnings fundraiser, as well as a shopping centre collection, rosemary giving and selling our Legacy bears.


Legacy Australia Inc. comprises 47 member clubs across Australia and one member club in London. Many of these clubs (particularly the capital city clubs) consist of divisions/groups/branches; allowing it to reach into the community across more than 300 locations nationally. Each club has a legally constituted board or executive committee, which is responsible for the Widows(er)s and their families living in their area. They also drive local fundraising with funds raised going to their local support efforts. Legacy Australia Inc. acts as the national coordinating body for Legacy clubs, including representations and/or promotion of Legacy purposes, ideals and interests at a national level.

The underlying purpose of LCS is to support and enable participating Legacy clubs to continue to provide a quality level of service to their beneficiaries by ‘freeing up’ the time of Legatees to fulfil their obligations under their charter.  

LCS’s value proposition is that as a service provider it allows participating Legacy clubs to have a significant combined social impact on Legacy beneficiaries (and the local community); provides the necessary support and resources to empower Legatees; maintain the autonomy and identity of local Legacy clubs within their communities; and demonstrates its appeal to other Legacy organisations in Australia.

LCS provides operational support to its participating clubs, as described in its purpose and strategic objectives. Each club, under its respective charter, has direct representation to Legacy Australia Inc., and is led by a president and a management committee. The clubs also determine the enrolment of their beneficiaries and the induction of their Legatees.

They are divided into divisions or groups as shown in the following organisation chart (as at May 2019):


  • Service delivery is relevant, sustainable and responsive to meet the needs of participating Legacy clubs and the needs of beneficiaries.
  • Effective leadership employs dynamic and flexible governance, as well as planning and reporting mechanisms to support LCS operations.
  • Recruit, train, retain and enable skilled staff and volunteers that are guided by the Legacy culture of service and excellence.
  • Ensure enabling functions and organisational capability support LCS operations, and are sustained through effective financial management and the application of relevant technologies.
  • Ensure marketing, fundraising and raised community awareness generate sufficient funds from a variety of revenue streams for LCS (in time) to be self-generating, in order to support participating club operations.
  • Ensure that communication processes allow effective engagement with relevant stakeholders and increase awareness of what the Legacy clubs do in the community.
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